Paul Guyot Newton Never Dies. It only gets new Hardware


The Newton Underground's Motto (Newton Never Dies, It only gets new batteries) applied as long as the Newton was the most powerful PDA around and there was a sufficient number of available units to maintain the platform.

There is no Newton emulator. There is no working solution to run Newton programs on another platform, even if Simon Bell's work aims at this. Hence, the number of computers with the Newton Intelligence is definitely decreasing.

My proposition to escape this end is known as the Einstein project. Unlike many Newton-future projects that were conceived and abandonned, the Einstein project is not a complete rewrite of NewtonOS to merge the Newton Intelligence with newer technologies. Instead, it is divided in several small steps, each of these forming a strong contribution to the Newton platform and the Newton community. I will present these various steps and argue why the project is possible including why NewtonOS could run on other hardware within few months.

The actual horizon of the project is yet to be decided. I will present various paths and solutions.


Paul Guyot loves challenges and authored the first system patch not designed by Apple and ATA Support, a package to use ATA cards like Linear cards, two achievements that were thought to be impossible.